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I had the honour and privilege of working with Jerry for several years at Head Start. His compassion, kindness, honesty and integrity are just a few of his leadership qualities. I've worked in several businesses through my lifetime and I have known only a handful of Leaders of his calibre. Thank you, Jerry, for making this world a gentler place. With gratitude.

Beth Haney

I am an erstwhile exponent of the long Yang form of Tai Chi.  I have been associated with Jerry for some time now and have found him to be an excellent instructor in many forms of Tai Chi both for able-bodied and disabled people alike.  He has a very gentle approach and what I would describe as a ‘Zen’ state of mind; so important to get full benefits from Tai Chi.  A very mild form of exercise, Tai Chi improves posture, flexibility, high blood pressure and can produce a state of mindfulness.  Jerry is a formally trained psychologist, and I thoroughly recommend him as both a character and instructor

Barrie Simmonds

Jerry is an expert in his field; a seasoned teacher of practical ways to create more of what we all want in our lives......more balance, personally and professionally.  He's also a great guy; friendly, funny, heartful and full of life wisdom.  Jerry is an endearing teacher you'll come to admire and greatly enjoy!

Elizabeth Tyler

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to hold a Seminar based around my book, a Tai Chi Chih Class or if you just generally have questions or comments.

(44) - 07554-300387

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