Tai Chi Chih

Over 30 years ago in California I attended an introductory Aikido self-defence class. I practiced this discipline for a few years, and loved it, but got tired of the bruises. I then turned to the long form of Tai Chi Chuan (100+ moves). I loved it also, but because of the many movements, it was a deterrent to many. I then discovered Tai Chi Chih and fell in love with the form. I reaped the same benefits, yet with fewer and easier moves.


Now, after several years as a certified Tai Chi Chih Master, my mission is to introduce this form to as many as I can. I have taught students 9 to 90 years young over the past 20+ years to learn this easy form both in the USA and Europe.


The practice of Tai Chi Chih has changed my life, and many others too and was the impetus for writing my book ‘Living In Balance’ - Reshaping the You Within. It was a cathartic exercise to do so as it helped me understand the transitions taking place through my own personal life.

If you are interested in attending a class, or hosting one, please contact Jerry by clicking HERE

Jerry Jonnson 2019

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